Orion Primary School

Orion Primary School

This primary school development, Led by Bob Stones, Contract Manager for Rees Flooring is a prime example of the Schönox® range in use. 

Using hygrometers, several moisture tests were undertaken to establish the moisture content of the sub-floor and whether a damp proof membrane would be required. 

Being a working construction with many different trades onsite, testing had to be undertaken over a 4 week period when rooms and corridors where floors were to be laid, were released. 

The readings were between 76%RH & 88%RH so Schönox® SDG DPM was advised for damp proofing the entire sub-floor. Schönox® SDG is a rapid drying liquid DPM which can be used up to 90%RH after applying 2 coats. It requires no additional primer before screeding, and so was ideal for this project, as Rees Flooring was then able to damp-proof and screed all on the same day. 

Before the DPM was installed it was decided with help from the Schönox® technical team, to tackle the construction joints with a polyurethane (PU) adhesive system: Schönox® PU900. This allowed for a quick solution when time is critical, as is often the case on such installations. Schönox® PU 900 adhesive was poured into the joints and spread 2 inches either side, using a wire mesh for reinforcement. Schönox® SHP primer was then used on top to allow a good adhesion for the latex levelling compound to be used. 

As the subfloor on the first floor was very uneven, giving a wave like effect, an effective levelling compound laid up to at least 8mm was required.

Schönox® LC was ideal as it can be used up to 20mm without bulking out. Schönox® LC levelling compound was used at between 8-10mm on the first floor, and on the ground floor at 5mm. Finally, Schönox® Emiclassic adhesive was used to bond all safety vinyl sheets. 


From 1st January 2018, all SCHONOX materials and future business will be delivered to and sold from Sika, Welwyn Garden City instead of Everbuild, Leeds.

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