Chiltern Place

Chiltern Place

Chiltern Place delivers everything that can be wished for. High end apartments in the heart of Marylebone Village provide the modern luxury and unique views over London.

Mace Construction and Rees Flooring worked together with Sika to deliver a flooring solution that would meet the highest standards of this prestigious development. The project covered approximately 6,000m² of floor area over 15 stories. All levels were fitted with a water fed underfloor heating system (UFH) encapsulated in a calcium sulphate screed approximately 40-50mm thickness.

Prior to applying Schönox® VD primer, surface laitance, that was formed during screed curing process, was mechanically removed. It is a vital stage in projects like Chiltern Place, as failure to remove laitance would inevitably lead to a failure in the finished floor. The resultant substrate should be flat, dry (below 75%RH) and have an open textured fine gripping surface prior to the application of primer and levelling screed.

Subfloors were tested using moisture boxes and hygrometer equipment in accordance with BS 8203 2017. Assessing moisture is a crucial part of any decorative floor installation project to ensure the perfect finish and prevent costly damage from warping. On site moisture testing, site surveys, full written specifications and method statements nationwide are available free of charge to Sika customers.

Once subfloor moisture dropped below 75%RH, operatives applied Schönox® VD primer mixed 1:1 with water to enhance the adhesion with the levelling compound as well as bind any residual dust in the project area. Synthetic resin dispersion, universal acrylic primer Schönox® VD has excellent penetration and only requires a short drying time.

Cured primer was then covered with Schönox® XA at approximately 3mm thickness. Schönox® XA is a very low emission gypsum based levelling compound with superior flow characteristics. It is made from synthetic gypsum which is created using a by-product of the process used to purify power plant emissions making it a strong environmental choice as well as an exceptional quality product. Schönox® XA is supplied in 25kg bags and mixed with 6 litres of water, easy to prepare and apply.

Finally, the wood flooring was installed using SikaBond®-54 Wood Floor adhesive. SikaBond®-54 Wood Floor was particularly suited for the job due to its elasticity, durability and footfall noise reducing properties.


From 1st January 2018, all SCHONOX materials and future business will be delivered to and sold from Sika, Welwyn Garden City instead of Everbuild, Leeds.

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