Synthetic Gypsum Based Rapid Drying Smoothing and Patching Compound

Synthetic gypsum fibre-reinforced, self-levelling screed for use from 3-15mm in internal areas. It is especially suited for use with wooden floor boards, chipboard (V100), mastic asphalt screeds and other critical substrates in combination with elastic and textile coverings. Particularly high coverage rate, as well as very low emissions. It boasts high flexural strength, and is particularly suited for use with electric underfloor heating systems. It provides an extremely smooth and flat surface and easily achieves SR1 smooth surface which is ideal for use with soft floor coverings where every defect in the substrate will reflect through to the finished floor. It is ready to use with addition for 6.0 litres of water; can be poured or pumped.

Technical data


75 sq.ft. (4.5 kg/10 lb.) / 240 sq.ft. (15 kg/33 lb.) per unit when applied as a featheredge

Pot life

approx 20 minutes at 68°F

Ready for covering

after approx. 30 minutes when applied as a true featheredge - after approx. 12 hours at 1/8“ thickness


after approx. 60 minutes

Working temperature

not below 41°F floor temperature

Order info

Material No.






Packaging unit

64 / pallet