SCHÖNOX and Kalenborn on Vehicle Test Tracks

SCHÖNOX and Kalenborn on Vehicle Test Tracks

The vehicle industry and their suppliers have to carry out regular and practice-oriented road tests for evaluating new automobile components and tires.  

Kalenborn delivers a special fused cast basalt to the vehicle industry. Fused cast basalt has proven worldwide to be an extremely abrasion resistant surface of defined smoothness. The test parameters of dry and wet condition are known and can be precisely maintained.  

SCHÖNOX offers solutions for laying and jointing. Test results eg. with SCHÖNOX KR and SCHÖNOX CON BODEN (mixing ratio 1:1 with SCHÖNOX QUARZSAND 0.2 – 0.8) were clearly above standard values. These products are suitable for laying the fused cast basalt Abrestist by Kalenborn.  


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