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PCR Plastic Packaging – A New Standard For Environmental Packaging Solutions

Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) materials are mainly sourced from household packaging waste. The production of PCR plastics starts with sorting, cleaning and grinding. This granulate is then used to generate new pails. Giving packaging a second life, this process reduces the amount of plastic waste.

SCHÖNOX started adopting PCR plastic as new packaging solution for the pails. Look and feel of the new PCR pails will remain the same. PCR materials have traditionally been limited to grey colours. Equally important, the material retains the mechanical characteristics necessary to ensure optimum performance. The products (for e.g., SCHÖNOX EMICLASSIC, SCHÖNOX SHP and SCHÖNOX HA PRO) are labelled with a new pictogram, made from “75% PCR”, post-consumer recycled material. Reprocessing of existing plastic reduces the consumption of fossil resources and the carbon footprint of the packaging. In fact, there a CO2 saving potential of 36% per pail compared with traditional production methods. We are working to driving the change needed to replace all of our plastic packing to PCR plastic packaging.


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