February 2017

SCHÖNOX RDF - The all-rounder

SCHÖNOX RDF - The all-rounder

Powerful, safe and easy to apply.
With this power pack for the wall, work can be carried out much faster with just one product being used on many different surfaces, and with the help of the unique white cement base, a primer almost falls into disuse. This power pack is easy to apply with excellent grindability and whether used in old or new buildings, renovation or refurbishment, you know you are in safe hands. These characteristics make him a hero:

  • Dust reduced
  • Low tension/stress
  • Very sturdy and highly fillable
  • Grindable
  • Fast drying (drying by hydration): up to 10 mm after 24 hours
  • In many cases no priming required (e.g. dry construction elements)

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