SCHÖNOX A4 - The reliable

SCHÖNOX A4 - The reliable

Powerful, easily and very smoothable.
With this reliable hero, you can be sure that you are fully equipped everyday. This hero shows his strength particularly in dry constructions or filigree con- cretes and thanks to the Liquid Technology, SCHÖNOX A4 is smooth and easy to apply. These characteristics make him a hero:

  • Dust reduced
  • Very sturdy and highly fillable
  • Finely grained
  • Grindable
  • Contains functional fibres
  • Highly synthetic-resin modified
  • Quality level Q1 - Q4
  • Joint filler for closing joints without cover strip: EN 13963 - type 48
  • Liquid-Technology: The wall levelling compound becomes smooth while applying and evening up allowing easier and faster filling of ceiling and wall surfaces.

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