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New Packaging Design

Roll-Out in November 2019  

SCHÖNOX presents their packaging design in a new look and feel. The layout continues to differentiate itself from other brands, and retains its clear design structure. The redesign is primarily a contemporary development, with revised details, and new highlights.

The roll-out of the re-designed SCHÖNOX range will start in November in all countries.

Key feature – at a glance

Prominently positioned on the packaging is the new product key feature, visible in the new hexagon element on the front. The idea was not to use more and more eye-catcher elements. We want to reduce and restructure the pictograms on the packaging, to focus on one key feature to highlight the main benefit of the product.

The new base colour is anthracite, and replaces the old light grey background. In addition, the present grey lids of our buckets will become black. This new coloration emphasizes the premium quality of our brand.

One of the highest recognition factors of our layout is the well-known colour coding of our different product groups. This brand identity element will remain in the new design, and enables a quick orientation on shelves (for example, green stands for Levelling Compounds).

A significant challenge in designing our package is always the space needed for multiple languages, for our international customers. This aspect has been covered in the new design scheme, and we avoid separate country versions, and additional packages. Customers can use the QR code on the packaging, to check and download further product information in the local language (for example technical data sheet, safety data sheet, consumption calculator).

For more information about the new packaging design, please watch the video.