Information about Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Information about Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Tthe situation around coronavirus is intensifying significantly and is very dynamic. In the meantime, the crisis is not only having an impact on private life, but is also presenting totally new challenges to business and industry.  

Corona Crisis Team
In our corona crisis team, we at Sika Germany discuss the daily changing situation and initiate possible measures to minimize corona infection and ensure the ability to deliver to our customers and partners.  

Sika is still able to deliver
As a result of our taken measures at the production sites in Germany and abroad, we assure you at this point in time that we can maintain production at all locations without restriction. Production is also running smoothly at our sites in Italy and there is no confirmed case of coronavirus so far.   

Home office regulation for employees; important appointments and construction site visits are still possible
Like many other companies in Germany, our employees in the administrative departments work mainly in the home offices as well as our sales employees. Nevertheless, it is of course still possible to attend important meetings and construction site visits by arrangement. Our office and sales staff can still be reached via the usual telephone numbers and E-Mail addresses.  

Security measures
Since many weeks, we have been recording and monitoring the international travel activities of all employees who were in risk areas or came into contact with suspected or infected corona cases. All persons reported to us were sent home immediately. 

In addition to hygiene measures and the use of the home office, we are also attempting to secure long-term supply by increasing our stocks of raw materials and finished products.  

Nevertheless, we would like to inform you that particularly the container capacities have been reduced due to the corona crisis. Regarding truck deliveries, governments continue to insure the general transport of goods and merchandise, even across borders. Not only because of the extended waiting times there, but also because of the increased measures taken by the companies involved in the process, delays can occur in the freight forwarding sector. Please take this special situation into account when placing your orders and submit them to us in a timely manner.  

We will do our utmost to process your orders in the familiar high quality and best possible delivery time. Of course, we will keep you informed about further developments.  

With kind regards  

Management of Sika Deutschland GmbH