Company Policy

Company Policy

Sika Deutschland GmbH is a customer-oriented high-tech company that specialises in the development, production and distribution of top-quality chemical building materials. Our QHSE&S management system covers all aspects relating to quality, energy efficiency, health, safety at work protection of the environment, and security. As such, it forms the basis of all our processes.

We are passionately committed to the success of our customers

  • It is our standard to permanently improve the professional life of our customers with our products, systems and services.
  • For us customer focus, emotional customer loyalty and customer satisfaction are central factors for success.
  • By fair relationships and transparent communication we promote a feeling of belonging together and strengthen mutual trust.

We are driven by success for our company

  • We aim to take decisions competently, swiftly and bindingly.
  • Decisions so taken are carried out methodically.
  • We create areas of competence and responsibility that are distinct and unequivocal.
  • We combine clear and challenging targets in harmony with the corporate strategy.

We deliver quality and innovation with both products and services

  • Constantly in dialogue with our customers, suppliers and other partners, we develop and make products and offer services that provide our customers with genuine added value.

Quality is a task for all the employees
  • By creating an open atmosphere shaped by diversity, we stimulate creativity.
  • We encourage the employees to communicate their ideas and always be on the lookout for ways of improvement and innovation. We trust our employees and give them the room to manoeuvre required to reach their goals.
  • We expect of our employees that their actions be shaped by commitment and the willingness to accept responsibility.
  • We expressly support and encourage personal commitment and personal responsibility.

Energy efficiency, health, safety at work, protection of the environment and security (HSE&S) are prime objectives

  • We strive at all times to be role models in terms of conduct, integrity and responsibility.
  • At our company, the protection and the safety of people enjoy the highest priority.
  • We are committed to keeping as low as possible our impact on nature and the environment.
  • We endeavour to systematically improve the sustainability of our products over their entire service life.
  • Within our environment strategy we commit ourselves to a responsible energy management with the target of systematically evaluating the energy consumption as well as planning and implementing measures to save energy.
  • We undertake to adhere to all legal, company-internal and other related ethical requirements.
  • Our management system defines clear lines of responsibility with regard to energy efficiency, health, safety at work, protection of the environment and security. By means of regular management reviews, internal audits and various training measures, we ensure that this system is firmly anchored in the company structure and that it is actually carried out.